About LH Design:

Lydia Huffman is an interior design consultant with an office in downtown Bellevue, WA who is taking a consistent approach to design that has proven to be invaluable to her clients in this ever-changing market: Simplify the process so that builders can do what they do best- BUILD. 

About Lydia Huffman:

Lydia Huffman grew up in a family of craftsmen, and is the mother of four kids - so she understands the need for organization, budgets, and follow through! As a District Manager in retail for 17 years, Lydia refined her planning skills, attention to detail, and coordinating a wide variety of people. For more than the past decade, Lydia turned her attention to interior & exterior design, starting with friends who asked for informal color consultations, and quickly growing into a thriving design business. LH Design was officially started in 2002, and since then Lydia has worked with as many as 18 builders in the Greater Seattle Area. She enjoys working with builders, developers, real estate agents, homeowners, property management groups, and vendors. Her strength lies in bringing together a team to accomplish a shared goal - from builders to home owners and all the people needed in between; her process allows for each person to be an integral part of a project. 

"Simplify the process with a designer who knows how to"

Regardless how large or small a project is, the fundamentals are still the same for interior designer Lydia Huffman of LH Design. Based in Bellevue, but not confined to geographical boundaries, Lydia Huffman is taking a new approach to design: simplify the process so that builders can do what they do best- BUILD. "Whether it's a modest remodel, a multi-million dollar dream home, or a commercial space the first step is always meeting with my clients to assess their budget, aesthetic needs, and where they are in the process," she explains. Ideally, Lydia would like to be brought into a project when it is still on paper so that she can work hand in hand with the architect and builder to catch any design mishaps before it even breaks ground. "When I look at floorplans, I envision the space in use," and oftentimes that means catching otherwise costly decisions. No matter how well Lydia knows the area, the next step is visiting the site to get a feel for the neighborhood and how the project will position itself within the environment and already-existing architecture. 

LH Design takes the guesswork out of building.

With her clients' needs in mind, and armed with an arsenal of the most current industry trends and product knowledge, Lydia presents her designs using all the tools necessary so that the builder can run with it. This is not where it ends though. Lydia has made it standard procedure to work with trusted vendors and installers to get her clients competitive bids, she visits the site regularly to ensure that her design is being implemented properly, and she even has expanded her scope to include marketing support. Simply put, LH Design takes the guesswork out of building. Lydia Huffman knows that the best advice in this tough market is to stay flexible. Over the past few years she has transitioned from working primarily on new construction residential projects to positioning herself in the commercial sphere, consulting real estate investment groups, and taking on remodels. "The benefit of not having a large firm is that my team is as big as it needs to be for any given project," she adds, "over the years I have surrounded myself with people who I can trust will deliver the best service and finished product". LH Design's current portfolio encompasses local retail and professional spaces including a high-end fashion boutique, national funeral homes, casinos, as well as design consultation for the zHome project in Issaquah, the nation's first multifamily, production, zero-energy, carbon-neutral community.